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Despite her success and reputation as an expert Tarot Reader, Naennaa remains humble and generous with her expertise, offering  readings and advice to anyone in need.

Naennaa had been a Tarot reader for 13 years already, having a deep understanding of the cards and the ability to use her intuition to interpret them accurately. Naennaa had a strong passion to use her expertise and help others, even those who couldn't afford her services. She was an expert in Hindi and in reading Tarot cards from a cultural perspective, able to deliver clarity and precision in the readings.

For years, people referred to Naennaa for Tarot readings, seeking her advice and guidance. No matter the request, Naennaa was able to provide the answers people sought. She had developed a loyal client base that trusted her counseling and cherished her personalized readings. Naennaa was never the one to rest on her laurels, rather she was generous by offering free readings and advice to anyone coming her way.

Naennaa had a special gift of connecting people with the world of Tarot and unlocking spiritual truths buried within. With her extensive knowledge and compassionate heart, she could easily deliver the messages to those in need, leaving them with clarity and insight. It was this unique ability and passion that made Naennaa such a sought after reader for so many years, and that would continue to draw people to her expertise for many years to come.


Naennaa is a holistic healing and spiritual guidance service that provides a variety of services to help people achieve balance and harmony in their lives. From tarot card readings to Reiki healing, numerology, Vastu consulting, and crystal remedies, Naennaa has something to offer everyone.

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